"Browning strikes gold with Gravel Anthems"

Seb Kershaw, M2 Music

"An excellent 4 th album, very strong lyrically and a stunning line up of musical luminaries including Muddy Manninen, Greg Wilson-Copp, Geoff Webb and the ever present Loudon Sopht"

Josh Bellamy, Producer, Vigilante Records

"10 superbly crafted self penned tracks"

Nolan Bradstock, What’s On!

"Kreshatyk is the best song ever written about Kiev and Ukraine, took me right back home and I could see and feel the streets. Spasibo Nick"

Svetlana Ivanova, Kiev Music Confederation

"Gravel Anthems is haunting, powerful, memorable, poignant and a must have"

Ruby Franklin, Immediate Rock

"Nick Browning has a Russian soul and knows how to write and rock. Unbelievably moving tribute to the Beslan tragedy"

Rostislav Bessonov, Russian Rock

"Gravel it is, and anthems they are. Buy it!!"

Josh Logan, Spectrum Music