Nick Browning has been writing and performing his unique brand of blues-influenced music for decades. 

Nick is a singer songwriter with a distinct gravelly voice, massively influenced by the vocal styles and abilities of Steve Marriott, Tom Waits, Gwyn Green and Paul Rodgers. 
“I wish I could do 10% of how they sing. I can’t, but can always dream!” 
He writes in several musical genres: Blues, Folk, Rock and Country, and delves into themes such as ageing, anti-terrorism, relationships, loss, locations and countries he has visited and lived in. 
Nick’s first album Rubicon was released in 2014 and he is now working on his sixth, which should be released in May this year. 
He has also done many covers of other artists’ material, including: Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Willie Dixon, Nazareth, Roxy Music, Ewan MacColl, The Doors, Tanita Tikarum and Buddy Holly. 
He feels it is very important to respect the original but to add a twist and take it away from being a carbon copy. “You have to add something different, otherwise to me there doesn’t seem to be much point.” 
In 2015 Nick met Greg Wilson-Copp, producer and owner of Cheltenham's Sound Shack Studios, and has stated on many occasions that this meeting was a life changer. 
“I always loved the set-up at Stax and the great house band idea and feel. In my dreams it was always wonderful to try and create a bit of that with Greg, and that's what we have done.” 
He is very clear that none of these recordings would have been remotely possible without the massive input and support from Greg, Finnish blues/rock guitar legend Muddy Manninen, piano and keyboard maestros John Barber and Geoff Webb, guitarist Paul Newman and Greenland drummer Loudon Sopht. 
“We’ve tried so many different arrangements and songs, plus taken on some very unlikely material. A lot of it got to a stage where we finally knew it wasn’t going to work, and those got dumped with much merriment. But some of it did work and that’s the real pleasure, and what makes it all worthwhile. It’s all been fun, creative and fantastic fun!” 





If you would like to find out more about Nick Browning or want to buy any of his music, simply complete the contact form below. 
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